WS Aiken worked closely with the institution and city historical department to design and implement a new batten seam copper roofing system.  In addition to installing the new copper roofing system, we fabricated new copper vents stacks; installed new built-in copper gutter system; rebuilt the ornamental railing system; and repoint the chimneys.   
Batten Seam Copper Roofing System

02Roof, Overall, South from above.JPG


We worked closley with the Institution and Historical department to completely restore the roofing, skylight and masonry systems.  Our scope of work included removing the entire slate roof and copper flashing system to install with a new slate and copper roofing system.  Additonally. we repointed all the chimneys and fabricated new copper vents and chimney caps. 


Skylight System - Wasco

science Center.jpg

We had the opportunity to provide the owner a BIPV solar system as part of the design for the new roofing system.  The owner moved forward with the solar system, because they were interested in making it part of their sustainable campus initiative as well as producing 16kw of power output.  We designed the system with Sika Sarnafil and Solar Integrated Technology. 

Garden Roof


The owner moved forward with the vegetative system because he was interested in extending the life of the waterproofing system: storm water management: and appeal for his overlooking offices. We recycled the entire existing roof assembly and installed a high performance waterproofing system with vegetative assembly.


System Manufacture: Sika Sarnafil 

Product G476 peel and Stick 

Vegetative Contractor: Apex Green Roofs


7.6.09 First Church.jpg


We worked closely with the architect and historical department to design a new system that could be installed over the old concrete wall.  The wall had cracked and split from weather, so a new flat seam copper panel system was decided as the most sustainable product for this application.  To try to match the color of the original concrete wall, we first fabricated all the copper panels, painted the panels with the approved color, then installed the system. 

Eastern Point Retreat House 3


The project objective entailed completely removing all the old copper flashings - valleys; chimneys; gutters; downspouts; and flat seam copper roofs to reinstall all new copper flashings and systems with enhancements to extend the serviceable life of the components.  We used Haven Restoration to repoint and rebuild the chimneys. 




The Duxbury Art Complex has a very uniquley shaped roof with sections of contour and ridges.  The owner wanted to ensure that the new waterproofing system would be more sustainable then systems applied in the past as well as use a colored membrane.  We designed a Sarnafil roofing system that enabled us to use a monolithic heat welded color membrane.



Sarnafil G-410 fully adhered



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