Asset Management

About Asset Management:

The WS Aiken roof asset management program enables the building manager to proactively manage the necessary steps to significantly increase the serviceable life cycle of the roofing system.  We are able to benchmark the program in a short time period with reduced leak calls, targeted high priority repairs, and forecasted capital replacements.  By collecting the data, we can work with you to make proactive decisions which lead to a positive long term financial impact.

  • Portfolio manager interview
  • Budgetary cost analysis to perform initial inspectional services
  • Initial inspections uploaded into Aiken Interactive
  • High priority needs highlighted
  • Budgetary bi inspectional/proactive maintenance cost analysis
  • Repair specifications and costs
  • System life expectancy and budget numbers
  • Proactive maintenance program implementation

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  • Convenience: If you are a facilities manager, project manager, or owner keeping up with regular roof maintenance can be a daunting task. Often, roof problems go unnoticed until a leak occurs. This can lead to unplanned expenses for repairs and sometimes a replacement of a roof system. Our maintenance program gives you online access to the condition of your roof, so you can quickly and easily make decisions about roof maintenance.
  • Tax incentive: Roof repair costs do not prolong the life of or add value to property. Repair costs are treated differently than replacement costs by the IRS. You may be able to save money in taxes by repairing, instead of replacing.
  • Long-Term Cost: Our roof maintenance program helps to extend the life of your roof and cut save you money. A leaking roof can quickly become a liability. It’s integral to have someone keeping track of the condition of your roof. We can diagnose and correct problems early, before they result in system deterioration and leaks.
  • Roofing Material Warranties: Carefully reading a warranty will show that the warranty can be rendered void unless the owner provides a certain level of maintenance to the roofing system. Manufacturers also require than qualified applicators install and perform all subsequent work on the roof, and recommend that the same contractor that installed the system do all subsequent maintenance. We can install any type of roof system and maintain it, so that if something does go wrong you will be covered under warranty.
  • Sustainable:  The most proactive green approach can be the simplest approach.  Actively managing an existing building allows its systems to realize the longest possible life.  

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